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The backend tasks of your business flowing seamlessly without you needing to worry

The tedious admin tasks handled daily and no longer feeling anxious about the accumulated task list keeping you up at night

The freedom of dependable support, knowing that your business ecosystem is running like clockwork


I’m Elisa Gabriele and I thrive on being the workhorse behind a business that takes care of all the small yet very important tasks that keep your business running and healthy! 

My approach is practical, logical and I carefully analyze what needs to be done to find the best solutions and ways forward to do my best work for your business. 

My attention to detail allows me to systematically approach problems to find the best solutions and ways forward. I’m not afraid to question things in order to enhance workflows so that I can efficiently work through my daily tasks and never miss an action point.

Alongside my practical support, I have a passion for creativity and support my clients with translating their messages & offers into beautiful designs for their online presence and business assets.

The dedication for my work will allow you to relax into dependable support that will give you the freedom to focus on your higher level role in your business. 

Side note…

I was born and raised in Switzerland and am currently living the best years of my life in Mexico, a country I fell in love with 9 years ago. I have a decade of experience as an Assistant to CEOs in Switzerland. I speak Italian, German, Swiss-German, Spanish, English and French. 

I look forward to supporting you!


Elisa makes things run like clockwork! Our program is known in our industry for its white glove service, and having everything accessible, communicated, uploaded and ready to go is a huge part of that. And that part I trust to nobody but Elisa. Her work is so impeccable, that honestly, as the CEO of our fast growing company, I often forget it exists! She’s a person you can count on and that’s invaluable for our ability to scale with ease and without breakdowns in the client experience

Merel Kriegsman

Business Mentor, Merel Kriegsman Media

Admin Support_VA_virtual assistant

Examples of what I can support you with

  • Managing Facebook group requests (approving or declining) + collecting member information for sales + marketing purposes
  • Pre/post event management tasks
  • Preparing email marketing campaigns
  • Monitoring member groups for unanswered question and need for support
  • Uploading video/audio recordings into your platforms such as Kajabi, Vimeo, Google Drive, Youtube, etc
  • Managing & cleaning ZOOM recordings + downloading/uploading content to appropriate platform
  • Scheduling posts in FB Groups for member engagement (with pre-prepared posts/visuals) + social media posts
  • Posting daily data to the team in communication platform such as Slack
  • Updating WordPress Website
  • Collecting client/lead information from forms to use for tracking, sales and marketing purposes
Admin Support_VA_virtual assistant

Examples of what I can support you with

  • Visuals for social media posts
  • Visual assets for lead tracking. Ex: Lead forms, Connection call forms, PDFs
  • Social media banners
  • Business cards
  • Logo design
  • Blog post visuals
  • E-books
  • Professional profiles
  • Media banners
  • Media bio profiles
  • Branding/visual elements for platforms such as Kajabi
  • Event visuals

Elisa has been my anchor over the past years. Her dedicated and dependable support has allowed me to step into my CEO role and leverage my business in a way that freed me from all the tedious tasks that needed tending to so that we could keep growing. Her attention to detail is constantly helping me see important gaps that are in my blind spot which enhances our business workflows. She is a solid partner in my business and I could not be where I am today without her constant, quality support. Her support is invaluable!

Jennifer Jane Young

Intuitive Business Advisor, The School of Intuitive Leadership

Elisa possesses an uncommon blend of creativity and consistent follow-through. She is an excellent communicator and her thoughtful questions often help to reveal ways in which processes can be tightened up to increase productivity. On my multiple occasions of working with Elisa, I have never doubted that her work would be completed on time and to the highest standard. I refer her with the utmost confidence and hope to have the opportunity to work with her again on many projects in the future!

Theresa Babylon

Digital Business Manager, Babylon Virtual

Working with Elisa was like an admin dream come true. She made it possible for me to focus on my own responsibilities by handling the backend administrative pieces of the business with care and expertise. She possesses enthusiasm for learning new tasks and learns those skills very quickly. Elisa is one of the most reliable team members I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and I cannot recommend her services strongly enough!

Jamie-Lynn Weeks

Business Manager & Hiring Expert, Sol Solutions

Elisa is a superb VA! She is loyal and dedicated to her work. She learns new skills quickly and is super-reliable at accomplishing her tasks on time. She also creates gorgeous visuals for my social media posts and mailings. Since I hired her a year ago, she has helped me achieve a whole new level of professionalism and my private client work has taken off. I can’t recommend her enough!

Christina McMahon

Love Coach, Christina-McMahon.com

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